Brian J. Evans has had the opportunity to work with a diverse plethora of communities throughout the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota. As a company member of Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, Evans has also worked Nationally and Internationally working and creating beyond language, culture, and stereotypes. Social Justice and Community building are at the heart of any his choreographic endeavor, as he strives to make work that comes from the community. There is always an aspect of the work that takes direct input from the community. This type of process lends to the art the possibility of impacting the particular population with the process being just as important if not more so than the product.


Passing Time 1

This excerpt is part one of a three part work commissioned by Flying Foot Forum the Guthrie Theater. Co-Created by Rush Benson & Brian J. Evans. Exploring relationships of how men relate with one another through body percussion, rhythm, super hero and song.

Photo Courtesy of Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artist 

Photo Courtesy of Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artist 

How Should We Protest?

This work tracks the ways in which we have protested from the 60's through today. Created with a group of Saint Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts artists. The juxtaposition of the inherent violence of change with peaceful notions of what that change may bring.  


So Whatta We Got Here?

This work is a dive into the tension that exists between society and the individual. 50% of this work is my choreography. The unison sections that take on the ideas of communal living, globalism and the perversion of unity. The other 50% comes from the cast. They are given one minute to 'define themselves' and we weave these solos through out the work.

Photo by Bill Cameron Courtesy of Young Dance

Photo by Bill Cameron Courtesy of Young Dance

Finding You.!?

This work is a cross section of relationships. From stranger to partner, the piece is a collage of the different types of relationships that we pursue and/or are thrust into. The picturesque simplicity of the 'ideal' romantic relationship and how the 'ideal' is never quite attainable.